You might be asking yourself, why does my company need to embrace an immersive experience for my customers? The main reason is, trends so that immersive experiences are the next big technological jump and your company shouldn’t be seen as playing catch up. Over the next 5 years the 5 different types of digital realities are going to converge and create the next leap in the digital age completely transforming how businesses function at their core. Endless opportunities are on the horizon and you want to leading the conversation not playing catchup.

Today there are five different types of digital realities.

Virtual Reality

Creates a Digital Reality that replaces the user’s real-world environment.

Augmented Reality

Inserts digitally created content into the user’s real-world environment.

Mixed Reality

An experience that seamlessly blends the user’s real-world environment and digitally-created content, where both environments can coexist and interact with each other.


is a deeply-engaging, multi-sensory, digital experience, which can be delivered using VR, AR, 360° video, MR and/or other technologies.

360 Video

Creates a digital space that allows the user to look in every direction around him/her.

B Absorbed

The B Absorbed Platform uses a combination of immersive and mixed reality to create truly one-of-a-kind experiences for a given business. We like to have physical objects in the world be the trigger point to create a digital experience. To date we have used beacon technology to create these one-of-a-kind experiences. Interested in learning more about what we can do for your business – connect us today