babsorbed indoor example

B Absorbed is the next evolution for how people experience museums and parks.

B Absorbed is a technology that enables your business to create immersive experiences for your customers. It allows your customers to have a digital experience while interacting with physical objects in the world. Connect to your customer around a physical object or guide them towards a business goal in an unobtrusive way. Whether you are trying to provide additional information for a product, exhibit, promote an event or create a guided experience, B Absorbed is there to engage your customers. Providing them the right information and the right time.

It is like having a virtual guide/employee throughout your establishment. We know your employees can’t be everywhere  and help everybody at the same time. B absorbed allows you to provide contextual information to your customers and creates a truly immersive experience, increasing the likelihood your customer has a positive experience.

We have optimized the technology for parks and museums. Through our technology you can now measure how long people visit an exhibit, how they are responding and where they go to next. You are able to provide different information to different audience segments. You can have an adult and teenager looking at the same physical object but pass them different contextual information.